Capt Greg (Muddy) Edwards

Welcome to my blog.
I hope that everyone enjoys the content of this site and if you would like to see anything else please let me know.
I started writing a small newsletter about Tonga after I married my wife Lin who happens to come from Vavaú, a place I knew nothing about up until I met her. Since I had been in the fishing business I started to promote the island for when we move to there. It was apparent from my travels that the South pacific in an area which has some of the remotest fishing adventures and also areas that need more promotion and assistance in getting the word out about the different island nations and what they have to offer.
 Since my first trip from Australia via boat into the South Pacific I was surprised at how close it is and how slow the Australian boat owners are when it comes to taking their fishing trips. I hate to say it but the Kiwi's kicked our butt on this and most probably through the influence of the Polynesian and islander cultures were more open to it plus it gets bloody cold down there in winter.
Marlin fishing is my occupation and now the age is working its magic I want to put more back into the sport I love buy trying to promote this area and assist in getting fishermen into the South Pacific. It gets into your blood and once there is very hard to get away from and through my life having fished most of the wonderful places in the world have found a paradise I want to be part of. 
The South Pacific is my home.